I was born into the jewelry business and began my apprenticeship when I was fourteen years old at my grandfather's jewelry store in Redwood City.  The store was already almost forty years old when I started and being the youngest boy with four older brothers, most of which were already trying their hand at apprenticeship, I found myself in the jewelry shop rather in the watchmaking department where my brothers had gone.  My grandfather and father had the greatest influence on me by way of being ethical.  Grandpa was an old school watchmaker and jeweler.  He would repair anything for anyone, not always on time, but always to the customer's satisfaction.  He had integrity beyond reproach.  My father carried that integrity as well.  In addition to sound work and ethical practices, my father taught me gemology.  He would give me gemstones to identify with strange tools like refractometers or specific gravity liquids.  Many nights our dinner conversations centered on light waves, refraction and reflections of gemstones.  He let my brother Ed and I go through his textbooks when he took his first GIA course in the mid 1960's.  We were thrilled to be discovering gemology!  I am truly blessed to have had my grandfather's integrity and my father's quest for knowledge shape my young jeweler's career.  Equally blessed was I to discover so much with my brother, Ed.   We were like two peas in a pod.  Sadly, Ed passed away in December of 2004.I have had jewelry stores in Placerville, California and Corvallis, Oregon, as well as a studio on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.    When I came back to the bay area after 25 years, I knew I was home again.   I work by appointment only, designing one-of-a-kind jewelry, restoring fine jewelry to its original state and appraising fine jewelry for insurance replacement purposes.  Perhaps the most exciting thing I'm doing right now is CAD (computer aided design) design.  This cutting edge new technology is like adding another workbench to my studio.  The only thing that limits CAD design is imagination, there is virtually nothing that cannot be designed and manufactured, whether it's micro-pave to classic style filigree or even your family portrait or pet created in gold and platinum!  Please don't hesitate to contact me either by e-mail or by phone for an appointment!  I'll be adding new designs on this website often and updating other avenues of my pursuits, including Celtic Jewelry, Family Crest jewelry, Equine Jewelry and of course, all that would include the finest in diamonds and precious colored gemstones.